Communication and Family Partnership

Communication between home and school life is very important at iGrow. We use online portfolios to communicate and share stories with parents.
• Each child will have an individual portfolio. The portfolio will contain individual work of the child, photos, videos that show the childs work processes, notes made by teachers and other documentation about the childs experiences at school. Parents are encouraged to look at and contribute to the portfolio often.

• Children will receive two reports per year. Work will be sent home throughout the term. Special artworks are kept and sent home at the end of the term.
• Our office is always open if you would like to discuss anything.

We communicate in 3 ways:
1. Kinderlime – An online platform to share stories, send messages to the teacher and to receive updates and incident reports.

2. WhatsApp group
3. Meetings

Parent Involvement
The parent is the child’s first and most important role model. For this reason, parents are encouraged to be involved in school activities and the Montessori/Reggio way of life. iGrow is dedicated in providing a quality education and lifestyle and would love for parents to share our vision.
We use a childcare software system to communicate with parents about their child’s learning and other school related news. It is compulsory for parents to keep up to date with what we share there as it is our primary tool for communication. Educa is also a 2 way street – you as parents can also share stories and pictures and write notes to the child’s teacher. The more regular and open the parents are with their home life the stronger the link between home and school. It is essential for the growth and development of each child.
We are always open to parent contributions and volunteering. There are diverse opportunities for family participation in the daily life of the school:
• Visiting your child’s classroom
• Chaperoning field trips
• Participating in a weekend workday. (Gardening, making materials, maintining and washing equipment and toys).
• Share a special talent or skill with the school (music,photography, art, woodwork – anything really). You will be adding value to your child’s experience as well as all the children that attend iGrow.
• Read a book to the class
• Organize a fundraising event
The opportunities for family paticipation are endless, so use your imagination! When you participate in the daily life of the school, you enrich your child’s experience at the school while developing a stronger connection to your child and the school community.